What They're Saying:
Add Powerhouse Capabilities:
Rev up your event with powerful capabilities:
Deluxe Registration Suite
Create a custom registration portal, offer discount coupons, and more.
Conference Platform
Enable live/VOD session streaming, online Q&A, and more.
Virtual Expo
Showcase offerings online and create new venues for exposure and lead generation.
Complimentary Attendee App
Enable attendees to conveniently access event info on the go.
Advanced Networking
Enable attendees to connect with potential leads at the event.
Advanced Navigation
Provide interactive maps enabling attendees to navigate the show floor.
VIP Privileges
Grant VIP attendees preferential access to powerful business tools.
Advanced Analytics
Track event trends - and see which sessions & booths are generating the most interest.
Surveys & Polls
Run surveys and polls, enable session speakers to conduct live polls, and more.
Extended Duration
Enable attendees to engage online before, during, and after the live event.
Expanded Attendance
Enable a virtual attendance option for those unable to attend the live event.
Custom Features
Add custom features to meet the specific needs of your event.

Supercharged Interaction.
Wow your attendees with a slew of rich interaction features, opportunities for discovery & learning, and more.
Drive sponsorships with powerful promotional features and lead-generation tools.
Experience maximal power - wrapped in an elegantly simple UI, available on any device.
End-To-End Coverage.
From pre-event registration to post-event follow-up, Commersphere provides you with a suite of deluxe features to expertly manage your event.
With its powerful yet intuitive event setup capabilities, attendee management tools, advanced analytics and more, Commersphere has your bases covered.
Outstanding Features - at Outstanding Rates.
Create an outstanding event experience - at a price point that is affordable for any budget.
Our prices are among the most competitive in the industry, and are further enhanced with a modular pricing stucture to ensure that you pay only for what you need - so you get the most bang for your buck.
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