Top-tier features at outstanding rates.  Learn more about our outstanding rates.
Commersphere Core:
The Core Feature set is included for all events:
Attendee Registration
Complimentary App
Event Administration
Resource Hosting
$1 /Attendee
* 500 attendee minimum
More than 5000 attendees?
Our rates are even lower.

Add-On Features:
Want to power up your event capabilities?  Select from a slew of add-on features:
Virtual Expo
Conference Support
Monetization Features
Activity Tracking
Advanced Interaction
Surveys & Polls
These, and more - starting from only  $499.

Introductory Offer:
New to Commersphere?  Before you spend a penny, we invite you to take our platform for a spin:
Your first event is free.*  No commitment required.
*  5000 attendees + expo + conference + monetization.  Offer not valid in Canada.
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